Electrical issues that sometimes surface in your home or commercial building can be frustrating to deal with. But more than that, they can be dangerous too. It’s why you must identify electrical faults before they get out of control.

Many different things can become problematic in electrical installations and features on a residential property- circuits may frequently trip, you may find switches heating up or may notice arcing or sparking from powerpoints. That is when you need a Perth fault-finding electrician.

Fault Finding Electricians in Perth

We at Perth Electricians are a leading company in this field and offer a wide range of electrical services, including fault finding on commercial and residential properties. Our Hot Water electricians are also highly sought after for their electrical skills.

Our company has the necessary fault finding equipment and tools as well as experienced electricians that can tackle these jobs to industry standards. We provide efficient and prompt services and ensure that the problems are fixed before they get out of hand and costly to repair.


Common Electrical Faults

Some of the common electrical faults that crop up on many properties include:

• Powerpoints begin to heat up
• You hear crackling and notice sparking when you are plugging in appliances
• Lights begin to flicker around your property
• Faceplates are damaged or cracked
•You notice scorch marks on powerpoints or light switches
•The circuit breakers keep tripping in specific areas of your home

Various Types of Electrical Faults

Our fault finding electrician inspects the installations, diagnoses the issue correctly and provides practical solutions. When it comes to electrical faults, they can be categorised into three distinct categories.

Earth Fault – This fault occurs when a damaged electrical installation leaks electricity. The current flowing through the wires seeks out grounding, and it takes the path of the least resistance- this typically is through the person operating or plugging in that appliance, which results in electrical shock.

Short Circuit – Short circuit occurs dues to insulation failures or loose connections. If the electrical connection is secure, there is a proper and uninterrupted flow of electricity. When a power supply connected to neutral or live points doesn’t have any load, you get a blown fuse.

Open Circuit – This particular fault occurs when the electrical flow is interrupted by something. There is a hole or break in the electrical supply, and that results in the disruption. Rust accumulation, loose connections are some of the common reasons for open-circuit faults.

Affordable Fault Finding Services in Perth

Our licensed fault finding electrician in Perth will inspect the entire system thoroughly and identify what is causing the issue. They will conduct the repairs systematically and ensure that the installations are safe for use. We are prompt with providing services and maintain affordable fault finding costs. It means you always get value for money when you hire us.

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